Eat Good Food

  1. Under 100 Grams Carbs Per Day 

  2. 5 + Fists Of Veggies Per Day 

  3. 1:1 Ratio Omega 3:6/No Toxic Fats 

  4. Eat Raw/Pasture Raised/Wild Caught/Grass Fed Animal Products 

  5. Create A Weekly Meal Plan 


Live Well

  1. Negative Bilateral Adduction Drop Test 

  2. Blow Up A Balloon 20x per week

  3. 50 Total Hours Of Sleep Per Week 

  4. Explain Pain

  5. 1 Meal Per Day Eaten Slowly, Mindfully, And In Community 


Move Often

  1. Walk 11,500 Steps Per Day 

  2. 2X/Week 30 Minutes Strength Training 

  3. 15 Minutes/Day Outside With Skin Exposed To The Sun

  4. 10 Minute/Week High Intensity Exercise (Breathless)

  5. Have A Movement Coach

Village is a counter-cultural solution to the current health-care and fitness world. 


We believe that our bodies are made with everything necessary to live healthy, active, and pain free lives. It’s woven into our genetic code from birth. To see our genetic code expressed in the form of health and to maximize our potential, we need the right environment. 


Yet, people are being told that the only solution to their health problems like arthritis, back pain, obesity, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's is to take pills, get an injection, or undergo surgery. These conditions are seen as somewhat normal in the health world today. 


The fitness world isn’t much better. We are told we need to avoid natural fat at all costs, and instead to eat man-made “heart-healthy” grains, vegetable oils, and processed “health food”. Instead of moving often and moving well in the way our bodies were made to move, we sit most of the day and then over-exercise, attempting to burn as many calories as possible through intense workouts.


If you constantly put your body in an environment of poor nutritional and movement communication, it will eventually alter your genetic code. This is the foundation of the health problems in our world today. 


But there is hope. At Village, we don’t think it’s normal to be obese. We don’t think it’s normal that most people end up with a disease like cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer's by the time they hit 65. We believe that anyone can become the healthiest version of themselves by creating the right environment. 


Village is a counter-cultural wellness solution for those looking to maximize their potential without pills, injections, and surgeries. Village is for those who want to create an environment for health. It’s for those looking to be in the driver’s seat for their health. It’s for those who want to be healthy, active, and pain free so they can live purposeful lives and do what they were made to do. 


Our environment is made up largely of the habits we practice. If you move often, move well, and eat good food, you will be the healthiest version of yourself. Our 15 Core Client Habits are the most important habits from the categories. In each of the links below, you can read in depth about why the habit is important and how to make it happen in your life.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Did You Create The Client Core Habits?


We created the Client Core Habits for three reasons: 

  1. Environment 

  2. Clarity 

  3. Rest




We believe that your health and ours is and will be directly proportional to your environment.  Create a healthy environment and your body will be active, pain free, and healthy. Create a poor environment, and you’ll end up with diseases and be unable to do the things you love. 


The key word is create. You are the creator of your environment. The moment you decide to take charge of the food you eat, how often you move, and how well you move, is the moment you begin to move towards a true environment for health. 


You have a choice. You are in charge. It’s up to you. 




There is much confusion in the health and fitness world today. Should I do a shake diet? Should I eat high carb or high fat? Maybe I should count my calories? Should I train for a marathon or lift weights? All of these questions can paralyze us from making healthy decisions. We think this is a big reason many well-intentioned people do nothing.  


Some of the habits will look familiar and you’ll instantly know what they mean and how to do them. Others will be like “What the heck is that?”. We did this intentionally. We want some to be easily palatable and within reach and others to take some digging and learning to understand and make happen. 




All of the goals you want to accomplish can only come to fruition in an environment of rest. Yes, in order to have a lean, pain-free, and healthy body, you need to exercise and eat well. But, the benefits of exercising and eating well will be absorbed and derived by your body when it’s in an environment of rest.


So in order to be healthy we need to rest well. 


Rest isn’t just getting 8 hours of sleep. Rest is something we should be intentionally facilitating in every area of our lives. The food we eat should help us to rest well, the exercise we do should help us to rest well, and obviously, our sleep should help us to rest well. 


In the world we live in today, it’s really tough to rest well. We have technology vying for our attention and hormones and creating pseudo-light stimulation at all hours of the day. We have grocery stores and uber-eats ready to serve us carbohydrate-laden, preservative-packed, and vegetable oil-cooked foods which throw our body into chaos as it tries to process these toxins. 


And most exercise routines, sadly, are much too stressful to be beneficial in the long-term for most people. 


All of the Core Client Habits are meant to help your body to rest well as it was meant to do. 


Do I Need To Do All The Core Client Habits All At Once?


No! In fact, don’t. 


We pick them off one or two at a time each month and work to integrate them into our clients lives. 


What If One Of The Habits Doesn’t Work For Me?


Maybe your budget simply doesn’t allow for all raw, free-range, organic foods or you simply can’t find the time to sleep 50+ hours each week. 


Keep in mind, these are ideal habits. 


If you fall short and only blow up a balloon 10x one week or only have ½ of your meat from a good source and you didn’t used to buy any high quality meat or blow up balloons, rejoice! You are making progress and that’s what this health journey is all about.