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Are you retired or nearing retirement and looking to invest in your health? Maybe you’re finally at a place where you have the TIME to invest in losing weight, getting stronger, or improving your balance. You may be planning golf trips, travels to Europe or just want to be the active grandparent and you’re concerned your body may not be able to keep up.


You may be looking 10 to 20 years into the future and you’re concerned you won’t be able to do the things you love or live the life you want.


And you are ready to change your trajectory.


VFF is for those who are at a place where they are ready to make a positive change in their health to lose weight, maintain and gain independence and mobility, get off medications, age well and are looking for a coach to educate, inspire, and equip them with the tools to make it happen.


VFF is not simply a group workout. It’s a place where people come to get in community with like-minded folks pursuing becoming the best version of themselves at

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Bob S.

Bob had sporadically exercised throughout his life, but nothing really stuck. When he started coming to Village, he was afraid that it would just be another false start, and he wouldn’t stick with it. That was in December of 2016. Two years later, Bob is still working out twice a week at Village! Since he began, he has lost over 50 pounds, and is off his cholesterol and thyroid medications! “I keep coming back to Village month after month because it’s always different. The exercises change month to month and you get to increase your weight and reps in those exercises throughout the month. They are always creative, providing new and unique challenges.” 

Our clients are passionate grandparents, volunteers, and business owners. They are busy people with full lives. They understand the importance of living a healthy life where exercise and nutrition are a priority, but they know they need the accountability, coaching, and support to make it happen.


We want to help you create an environment of health and learn how to communicate well with your body through the food you eat, moving well and moving often.


Village Fitness Forever provides empowering, motivational, and highly effective fitness sessions combined with the nutritional coaching, accountability, and support you need to change the trajectory of your health.

Inquire About Cost & Session Openings

Village Fitness Forever Schedule

Sessions Length: 50 minutes

Monday: 10:15am


Tuesday: 7am, 10:15am


Wednesday: 10:15am


Thursday: 7am


Friday: 10:15am

We believe humans are meant to move often, live well and to eat good food. We’ve written about this in our Core Habits.