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As parents, we want to see our children be healthy now and create a trajectory of health for their future.


Making this a reality is difficult in our world today. But it can be simple. We need to give our kids the right environment, and they will flourish.


If we look at children, they naturally love to move. Something about the way we are teaching our kids to exercise is removing the joy from movement. The traditional way of doing physical education is broken. Kids don’t leave high school or college equipped with the tools to thrive as a fit adult.


Kids like the taste of real food, cooked properly. Unfortunately, their palates have conditioned by cheap, quick-hitting carbs, sugar, and artificial taste enhancers like MSG. But we can teach or kids to appreciate good food and how to cook it. We can instill in them a craving for foods which nourish and fuel their bodies instead of foods which are toxic and harmful.


The patterns and routines our children establish will carry with them through adulthood, into the next generation and ultimately become our health legacy.


VF Kids Sessions are 40 minutes long and combine movement, nutritional education, and mindset training to help your child learn how to create an environment for health now and for the future.

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Kids In 2020

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List Of Approved Charter Schools​​

  • Inspire Charter School

  • Springs Charter School

  • River Springs Charter

  • Empire Springs Charter

  • Harbor Springs Charter

  • Citrus Springs Charter

  • Sage Oak Charter School

  • Excel Charter School

  • California Enrichment Academy

  • Julian Charter School

  • Gorman Learning Center

  • Sky Mountain Charter

Try A Session Risk Free Today
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Village Fitness Kids Schedule

Sessions Length: 40 minutes

Tuesday and Thursday AFTERNOONS

We believe humans are meant to move often, live well and to eat good food. We’ve written about this in our Core Habits.