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Village Therapuetic Massage is For those seeking highly-specialized, superior bodywork.


If you are looking for relief from tense, aching muscles, to improve performance before a big event or to enhance and optimize sleep, Village Therapeutic Massage is for you.


Maybe you’ve had a busy week at work, need to alleviate a sprained or tweaked muscle, or simply need some me time.

Bob S.

Bob had sporadically exercised throughout his life, but nothing really stuck. When he started coming to Village, he was afraid that it would just be another false start, and he wouldn’t stick with it. That was in December of 2016. Two years later, Bob is still working out twice a week at Village! Since he began, he has lost over 50 pounds, and is off his cholesterol and thyroid medications! “I keep coming back to Village month after month because it’s always different. The exercises change month to month and you get to increase your weight and reps in those exercises throughout the month. They are always creative, providing new and unique challenges.” 

Relief + Rhythm + Resonance + Rest


“I’ve tried everything”
“I can’t take this anymore”
“I think I take too many painkillers”
“I’m afraid of surgery”
“My last cortisone shot did nothing”
“I’ve maxed out my insurance”
“The pain makes it hard for me to work”
“I can’t find a comfortable sleeping position”


In my experience, cookie-cutter, one size-fits-all therapy will help about 80% of people suffering with pain, and that is enough to keep most clinics and hospitals busy. But what about the other 20%?

Stacy was one of the 20%. She had been everywhere. She had tried everything. And she was at the end of her rope. When I met her she was frustrated, and understandably skeptical that I could have anything new to offer.

So I just listened to her story. It took a while. But that was fine with me, because I know that our stories have tremendous value. She seemed to be finishing, and once she fell silent, I asked my third-favorite question: “Is there more you would like to say?” Sure enough, she was actually just getting started. That is often the case with chronic pain. It is a long and lonely road. One where even friends and family at some point stop listening.

Then I asked my second favorite question: “Stacy, would you like to change your pain today?”

What we did next surprised her. We changed her pain. But more importantly, we began to uncover the roots of her pain, not just the symptoms. I could tell that we had made enough progress for one day, and I could see that the tired, dispirited person who walked in an hour earlier was now noticeably glowing.

Then I asked my absolute favorite question: “Stacy, would you like to start a new chapter?”

Stacy continued to see me for about 3 months after that day. In that time we were able to walk together through some highs and also some lows, celebrating little victories and also weathering unforseen storms. She generously shared her time, and with that time we unraveled not only the physical causes of her pain, but also the emotions, thoughts, and complicated relationships surrounding the last several years of her life.

If you are like Stacy, you have probably tried all the quick fixes, all the pills, and every other trick in the book, and if you are like Stacy, nothing has worked. Why?

Because cheap solutions are for cheap problems. But you are not a cheap problem to be solved. Your life is powerful and infinitely valuable. You are worthy of healing, and you are worthy of the time it takes to heal.

I am passionate about succeeding where others have failed. I am excited to meet you and listen to your story, and I am even more excited to see hope restored in your life.


Does your monthly routine begin with a survey of your calendar and multiple to do lists?
You are starting your month- and all of its challenges and projects- not from a place of stability and rest but from demands and striving. While beginning from the former will nourish and sustain you month after month, year after year, the latter will slowly drain you into burnout and dramatic loss of productivity or meaningful accomplishment

Sunrise to Sunset, Spring to Winter, our world turns in an ancient rhythm that has helped sustain life on earth for millenia. In turn, we are healthiest when we live our lives in purposeful rhythm. Yet such a simple concept- balancing sleeping and waking, working and playing- is often sabotaged by ever increasing demands on our time and energy from employers, family, and even technology. A life out of rhythm is marked by restlessness, endless to do lists, and the loss of deep satisfaction in a work fully accomplished.

Does your life feel like a run on sentence that just keeps going and going and veers in one direction and then another and then circles back and then tricks you into thinking you are going to get some peace but actually something else comes up and its all back to back to back and is this going to end at some point because right now you are probably mentally gasping for air just reading this sentence omgosh like really where is the period or is it a question mark just let this sentence stop!

Does your life read like that awful run-on sentence? In order to restore rhythm, you need punctuation. The day is punctuated by a sunset and the night by a sunrise. The summer is punctuated by thousands of falling autumn leaves, while the winter is punctuated by a thousand new budding spring flowers. One powerful way to restore rhythm to your life is to punctuate your busy month with a rewarding therapeutic massage. As wonderful as the massage will be, its true benefit far exceeds the session. It allows you to start each new month not from a place of physical, mental and emotional duress, but from a place of tangible restoration and tranquility. In other words- and I encourage you to read the following twice if you gloss over it the first time- it allows you to begin your month from a place of your true identity; a living being capable of great works but also worthy of rest and peace.


Punctuate your month with rhythm massage. Begin your month with truth in your identity. Watch as your endeavors in family and work flourish and grow. Repeat.


Are you completely at peace with your body, or do you feel a little at war with yourself? Have you experienced illness or trauma in your past that makes it difficult to be fully present in your physical self?

“I felt- still feel- betrayed by my body.” I never forgot how she said that to me. At 41, Shelley was a mother of two, a high-school teacher, and pretty happy about her life. But that was the year everything would turn upside down. Like 1 in every 8 women, Shelley was diagnosed with breast cancer. And like all courageous women facing one of life’s worst diseases, she heroically stood her ground. For ten long years she fought, losing not only her hair and breast tissue, but also thousands of precious moments with her children and husband. When the dust finally settled, Shelley’s final scan came back clean. It was a tremendous victory, but one that would be short-lived. Though her body was cancer-free, her mind was trapped somewhere far away. She could not shake the sense of betrayal from her body, nor the fear that her disease might one day return.

“I’m afraid of touch.” Tricia tearfully explained to me. I was confused. “But you spend all day touching people!” And she did. As a yoga instructor and esthetician, Tricia was frequently in physical contact with her clients. We met shortly after I finished college when we both were working at big health club. Although I usually stuck to fitness training, word got out that I had a knack for fixing headaches, which is why Tricia came to find me on her lunch break. Initially, she was hesitant to let me put my hands on her forehead and temples. Over the next few weeks, she shared her story: She grew up in a household with very little physical touch, and eventually found herself in a physically abusive marriage. No wonder she didn’t want me to put my hands on her!

Besides being dear to me, what both of these women have in common is dissonance in their physical experience- one from an attack that was inside-out, the other outside-in. Though they could go places or touch people physically, there was a vast emotional dissonance that rendered true presence in their lives and relationships impossible. Fortunately, both of these remarkable women were willing to share their stories with me and allowed me the privilege of walking with them. Through a delicate process of movement and touch, we worked together to find new hope and steady peace. They were my original teachers.

Now I bring the sum of that teaching to you in Resonance massage.

Resonance massage is touch that is supportive, respectful, honoring, dignifying, encouraging, patient, giving, and safe. The intention of every session is to reveal a simple yet powerful truth- that your body is good, that your body is alive, and that you are made to resonate with all of your relationships, adventures, and dreams.


Are you tired? Do you fatigue more quickly than you would like physically? Mentally? Your life may be overly compartmentalized.

In American culture, we tend to compartmentalize everything: Home life, work life, love life. Carbs, fats, proteins. Business, Pleasure. If you are a scientist trying to discover a new atomic particle, the ability to temporarily separate things is key. However, if you are a warm, living human being who sees in color, it is the connections, rather than the separations that reveal the immense beauty and power of life. Indeed, connections between seeming polar opposites are often the spark for the world’s greatest ideas and innovations.

Can’t I just treat fitness, nutrition, sleep, friendships, career, and medicine as separate issues?

Let me ask you this: When you have a big fight with a friend or spouse, do you sleep well that night? Do you make good nutrition decisions the following morning? Do you have the kind of day at work that accelerates your career?

Like a stone thrown in a pond ripples all the way to its furthest edges, what affects one “area” of our lives inevitable affects all.

So why do we compartmentalize?

Different arenas of life seem to have different rules and success strategies. Taking them separately helps us feel successful, but only until they come back together. Staying up late in bed replying to emails may help you close a business account, but its unlikely your spouse will appreciate the attention your phone is getting instead of her. Ultimately we tend to compartmentalize because it allows us to justify poor or lazy choices, mistakenly thinking they can be safely quarantined.

Why does compartmentalization lead to chronic fatigue and loss of creative power?

Imagine you heard a new song, enjoyed it, and wanted to to share it with a friend. Now imagine that for some reason you could not simply download an mp3 and play it, but instead had to try to imitate the drum beat- then the guitar, then the bass, then the piano, then the vocals, then the harmonizing vocals- instead of 3 minutes it would take 3 hours, and your friend would probably politely ask you not to share any more new songs with her.

Taken together, the pieces of our lives can form a beautiful symphony, but separate them out and you have a tiresome cacophony- one your family, friends and coworkers all are stuck hearing.

Fortunately, there is a solution to our tendency to compartmentalize, and even better, a path to tremendous increase in energy, mental fortitude, emotional stability, and creativity: Deep Rest. Deep Rest combines the centering and clarifying effect of meditation with the profound living support of human touch.

If your life feels thinly spread over a mile-wide weekly planner, a deep rest session will help bring the edges together.

If you are struggling to make a decision in relationships or work that will have consequences for both, a deep rest session will help you make your decision not only with your head, but also your heart.

If you chronically make destructive choices out of feelings of loneliness or isolation, a deep rest session will help you remember that you are not alone, and that joy is found in giving, not taking.

Can all of this happen in a single session?

The answer to that question is up to you. A deep rest session is a powerful tool, and I can help you use it. However, it is not a quick fix or a fast acting pain pill. If you do not currently pray or meditate regularly, I would encourage you to try doing so. I would recommend setting an intention and a goal with a dedicated hour of weekly prayer or meditation time. If you are not sure where to start I can help you. After four weeks of meditation/prayer on your own, you will be well prepared to get the most out of your deep rest session. You may find it so beneficial the first time that you will consider making it part of your monthly rhythm. Can you think of twelve areas of stress or worry in your life? Most of us could think of a hundred! What if over the next year you began to systematically clarify your life, like a well organized thesis? What if your unique gifts, talents, and ideas that the world so desperately needs could be revealed? What if the story of your life could go from a boring pamphlet to a thrilling page turner?


One of my greatest passions is helping the people around me live life to the fullest, and helping provide Deep Rest is one of the powerful ways I have found to do it.

I’m looking forward to seeing you thrive!

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