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Weekly Health Wrap Up

Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain With A High-Five

When it comes to shoulder health 💪🏼, most folks are eating the equivalence of McDonalds every day. 🍟 They only use their shoulders in a very small range of

motion. So they get weak, stiff, and in pain. 😰 But a simple, and extremely quick, high five, can go a long way towards helping you maintain healthy shoulders for decades! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Village Principle: #EscapeTheSedentary: Why Chronic Cardio Is Bad for Health

Most mornings, I walk to work🚶‍♂️. It takes about 15 minutes each way. I have a car 🚗and a bike🚴‍♂️, which are both faster than walking, but I really enjoy having 15 minutes to transition between home and work and work and home each day. 🏡🏫

On my walk each morning☀️, I see 2-3 people in my neighborhood 🏘 with their garage doors open, pumping away on various pieces of cardio equipment. You know, ellipticals, peloton bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, etc. 🏋️🏋🏼‍♀️

❔ And I wonder, do they believe this is what it takes to lose weight and get healthy?❔After talking with thousands of people at our gym and PT practice looking to improve their health, I can tell you that, YES, most folks, despite a mountain of evidence, believe chronic cardio is the ultimate health-giving activity. 🛑 Well, hit that big red stop button on your treadmill, because it’s a MYTH. 🛑

Any cardiovascular exercise that pushes your ❤️ heart rate past 180 beats per minute-age causes you to burn sugar for fuel instead of fat.🔥When we burn sugar for fuel, we crave sugar and our body attempts to replace it by signaling you to seek out sugary foods. Further, burning fat (which is what we want, right?) gets shut off when your body switches over to sugar burning mode.

Pushing as hard as you can on your peloton in the name of getting the highest number of watts/hour creates oxidative stress in the body. 😰

So what to do instead?



🧹Do chores

👶🏽Play with your kids/grandkids

🏋️Lift heavy things

🧘 Lay on the ground


🚴🏽Cycle (at a low intensity)

A caveat: If you LOVE biking, running, etc. feel free to go for it. 👍🏽I’d suggest most of your training be at a heart rate of less than 180-age. So if you’re 50, that means less than 130 beats/minute. ⏱

Village Product Review: Chirp

The Chirp wheel was featured on Shark Tank🦈 and now blows up my Instagram feed on the daily📱. But does it actually work?🤔

Not any better than a foam roller or the yoga wheel you can get at Marshalls for 20% of the cost.💰💲

I give this thing: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ /5


•Solid back-popping ability

•Comfy foam on the outside


•Price to value: $60 and you can get what is basically the same thing for $10-$20 at Marshalls

•Easy to fall off the sides

Client Highlight: Carol!

Check out why Carol is a part of the Village Community and the cool, great things she's doing at Village!

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