“Why can’t I seem to lose weight when I’m doing everything right?”


Learn how to become the healthiest version of yourself and maximize your potential without supplements, quick-fix, intense exercise programs, or fad diets.

The current landscape of the health and fitness world is jacked up. Health conscious people are led to believe that the only solution to losing weight, to being healthy, and to getting fit is to go on a crazy low-calorie diet, to take some sort of human growth hormone supplement or to replace most of their meals with a shake. From an exercise standpoint, it seems the only thing that works is pain and suffering on a spin bike or intense bootcamp where a coach yells at you and you get your money back if you lose 20 pounds. It’s crazy and it’s no wonder that so many well-intentioned people fail to achieve the healthy, pain-free bodies that we are meant to have.


You see, replacing food with shakes, ultra low-calorie diets, and crazy intense exercise programs are not how we as humans are meant to eat and move. Our bodies are meant to eat good food, to move often, and to move well. And it doesn’t have to be painful! Healthy food is meant to taste good. Movement is meant to feel good. We just need to learn how to create the type of environment our genetic code was meant to live in and we can lose weight be healthy and thrive. We have literally hundreds of stories of clients of ours who believed the health fallacies I lay out below and once they implemented our Core Client Habits they finally saw weight loss, health changes, and progress.

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1) Something about your health has scared you. Maybe you’ve gained some

weight recently, you’ve had THAT doctors visit where the doc says “you’ve

gotta start exercising” or you got some bad results from a recent blood test.

2.)You’re frustrated with yo-yo diets that work temporarily but the weight

comes back.

3.) You’ve worked hard at raising a family or a long career and now you’re at a

place where you’re ready to invest in your health.

4) You’re worried about pain or injury holding you back from getting healthy

but know you have to exercise to achieve the health you want.

5.) You’ve just had a major life change...a parent passing away, a kid moving out

of the house, or retirement and now you’re ready to make some positive

change in your health.


  • Learn how to eat for effortless weight loss or maintenance.
  • Workout in just 2-3 hours week.
  • Join a community of people.