Don't Slow Down After 40

Relieve pain, feel confident in your body, and take back your health

It's not normal after age 40 to struggle with...

❌ Low energy levels

❌ Difficulty losing weight and keeping it off

❌ Nagging aches and pains

❌ Losing your mobility

❌ Slowing down

The solution is NOT...

❌ Medications

❌ Injections

❌ Surgeries

❌ Supplements and powders

❌ Fad diets

❌ Overly-intense workout programs 

Take back your health

✅ Lose weight and keep it off with sustainable habits

✅ Restore lost energy levels

✅ Find relief from pain

✅ Increase flexibility and mobility

✅ Build strength

Village exists to help people like YOU

Village is Glendora's go-to physical therapy and fitness studio for people looking for a community refusing to slow down with age. Our clients come to us for doctor created programs proven to get results without yo-yo dieting, medications, or surgery. 

3 Simple Steps To Get Started...

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2. Book a FREE introductory phone call and find out which Village programs are right for you. 

3. Get Started. Find relief from pain, lose weight, get your energy back, and take back your health!


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Stories of success

Paul says that following the Village Principles have led to him losing over 50 pounds.

Theresa is out of pain, down 55 pounds, has lost 30 inches, and is feeling the best she's felt in her life!

Located in the heart of downtown Glendora

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