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Village Fitness and Physical Therapy is located in the heart of Downtown Glendora

IF life has left you over-busy and under-active...

IF you've been told the solution to your health problem is an endless stream of pills and procedures instead of food and movement...

IF you are ready to invest in your body and maximize your potential...

THEN we are your counter-cultural solution for wellness.



Create a salubrious environment with three key elements.

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About Village Fitness & Physical Therapy

Do you or someone you love struggle with back pain, knee pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain? Are you concerned about slowing down, losing independence and mobility, or getting a chronic disease? Maybe you’re just frustrated with your inability to lose weight and keep it off long term or consistently stay active.

Or maybe something about the aging process has terrified you. You’re retiring soon and realizing you won’t be able to enjoy it. You just had “that doctors visit” where you got some bad news about the future if things don’t change. Maybe you’re looking for one final option before surgery.

Have you gotten the feeling from the modern nutrition and health world that things like low back pain, obesity, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, degenerative disk/joint disease, and many others are somewhat normal and to be expected?

Are the only solutions which have been offered to you pills, injections, surgeries, quick fixes, or intense exercise programs and diets which are not compatible with normal life?

Maybe you’ve realized that the problems you have can’t be solved with quick fixes. You understand that our bodies were designed with everything they need programmed into their DNA to be healthy, fit, and pain free.

You’ve arrived at a place where you are ready to make some changes to your health. You want to get out of pain, you want to eat differently, you want to move often and move well. And you know that with the help of an expert you can get the best results possible, get there faster, and do it right.

This is where Village comes in. We specialize in educating, coaching, and inspiring health-concious people to become the healthiest, pain free, most active version of themselves.

Village is for the people who want to solve it all. They’ve tried or seen others try the quick fixes, the fads, and they want something that works.

Village is a one-life holistic solution to your health issues. You only get one life. How’s it going?

Every time a new health concern comes up, it complicates things that much more. The time for action is now. The time to take control of your health is now.

When you are ready, Village is for you.

Success Stories


Melody P.

“Without Village, I simply would not exercise and care for my body well. I understand how important it is to exercise and want to be healthy. I have to treat it as if it’s a meeting with a client, because otherwise I wouldn’t do it.” What I like about Village is I have my set schedule but I can change it if needed. I never want to miss my sessions because I’ve developed such a good relationship with the people and trainers I feel guilty if I don’t come, and that’s what I need, the group setting motivating me. Melody is a entrepreneur, business-owner, and all around busy woman. So like many people, prioritizing working out is difficult. She is a wedding planner that cares for employees and clients alike, which is why coming to Village is an important aspect of her week. Melody finds that when she works out at Village, she is more productive and ready to take on the day! But Village isn’t just a place to workout for her, it’s become more than that. No one knows you there, and no will notice if you’re not coming either. At Village, she has found friendships with people who are invested in their health, and she has found friendships that expand beyond the limits of just working out together. “Village is very unique. It focuses on working out, strength training, and health. But more than that, they also touch on the emotional aspect of health. They help you build your confidence and feel motivated. It’s fun to be with all the different people and personalities that workout at Village. Being apart of this family makes you a better person.”